Behind the wheel for teens

Individual Driving Lessons

Teens under 18 are required by the DMV to complete 6 hours, 3 lessons of 2 hours each.


To start please pay $85.00* enrollment payment to reserve driving lessons. Balance of $185 will be collected by our instructors during first lesson. 

*The enrollment payment is $100 for students located north of Feeway 52, then $185 will be collected by our instructors during first lesson.   

This option requires student's commitment to complete all 3 lessons within 90 days. We might charge an extra fee for late completion. 



Students may also pay $85.00 enrollment payment and then pay per lesson; Lesson 1- $70, Lesson 2-$70, Lesson 3-$70. With this option students may schedule all lessons within 6 months. 

*Additional or single lessons cost $50/hr. Minimum 2 hrs is required. 

To schedule and reserve your lessons you need to pay enrollment down payment.


Make Enrollment Payment 


FREE Certificate. FREE home pick up. NO hidden costs. Upon successful completion, teens will be eligible to apply for the California driver's license.

Once you have paid, please call at (619) 282-7900 to schedule your lessons. You need to have a permit to schedule your lessons. 

Please Note: We charge $25 fee for cancellations without 48 hours notice or for no shows. Students must be in possession of learners permits during each lesson or lessons will be cancelled and $25 cancellation fee will be charged.

You can choose a female or male instructor. All cars have dual brake systems. 

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